Is Self-Care Selfish?

Have you ever wondered if self-care is selfish?

If you feel this way, you’re not alone! There are many who feel that taking time to focus on just them is selfish. Whether they have things to do or people to take care of. They feel they don’t have the time to put aside for just them, and if they do they feel guilty for it.

But, self-care is self health. Setting aside a designated time for some self-care/ self-love is so important. Taking time to focus on you and to relax is so rewarding.

(I talked about categories of self-care in my latest instagram post.)

Some categories of self-care to remember is mental, practical, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social.

Some examples of these include learning something, drinking enough water, moving your body, taking a relaxing bath or shower, doing a face mask, listening to music you enjoy, journal/ read, daily affirmations, taking a social break from others, a social media break, pray/ meditate, and so much more.

You can‘t give love to others if you don’t give love to yourself first. So take some time and enjoy you! ✨

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