How to Layer Your Skincare Products

Skincare is key to your routine. Many are “afraid” of a whole skincare routine because they don’t know what products to use and/or where to begin.

I’ll save products and brands for another post but for today I’m going to share how your skincare products should be layered. This’ll help you to know what type of products to use as well.

1. Starting with your skincare routine is of course cleanser of your choice.

2. After cleanser, it’s best to use a spray or mist to damp your skin. This is because the products really soak in when your skin is damp.

3. Now that your skin is damp and ready for products, apply your serums. Hydrating serums, antioxidants, retinoids (p.m.), etc. At night this is the time to also apply spot treatments if you’re using them.

4. This is not a necessity to your routine but if you use oils (which I highly recommend) you apply your oils after serums.

5. Last but not least, you apply your moisturizer/ night creme.

For your routine in the morning, do not forget sunscreen!! No matter what the weather is, indoor or outdoors, don’t forget your sunscreen 👏🏼😘

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