4 Easy-Quick Hairstyles

I love those quick “on-the-go” hairstyles. There are so many easy hairstyles you can do for curly hair. Here are my top 4…

The first one that I love to do and is SO cutee is this half up bun-half down.

I part my hair into two sections. The top section is smaller than the lower half. With the top section of hair, I put it in a little low bun. With the lower section of my hair I just let it down.

Another hairstyle that I do especially when it is extremely hot outside is a mid/low ponytail.

I will part my hair in the middle or more to the side. Then I’ll use my fingers to smooth out any crazy bumps and pull my hair back with a ponytail.

To smooth over my edges and other little bumps, I use my edge brush/comb with some gel. (Or you can use a wooden brush that has thick bristles to really slick your hair back).

The hairstyle that I wear most often and is the easiest for me is wearing my hair all the way down. I’ve came a long way from what my hair to be and how it looked which is why now, I love to embrace the curly hair that I have.

I’ve shared how to refresh your curls on my Instagram but, I feel this is fairly easy to fix- it’s much easier to wear your hair down if you did a good condition and detangle on wash day. So when it’s time to wear your hair down, you can wet your hair with water (possibly using a spray bottle you have), throw some style cream or an other preferenced product in, finger coil/scrunch up a few pieces of hair here and there, and your done!

And the last one that I do quite often is a low bun. After my curls have become stretched out and a bit crazy, I feel this is the only thing that will make my hair look presentable.

I part my hair and slick down the sides with some gel. I make the bun with the rest of my hair and play around with it until I feel looks good.

I usually put a few bobby pins in my hair if a few pieces of hair are sticking out and to overall secure my bun.

Those are my 4 quick go-to hairstyles! 🙂